The Knowledge (previously idenTTĀ®) client tool
Individual adjustments for your portal

The Knowledge Database can be comprehensively adapted and individualized to your requirements. We will take over a part of these user-defined settings for you. The other part, adding internal notes, is administered by the Knowledge Client tool.

We will be happy to take over the following settings for you:

  1. Activation of the modules: Banknotes, identification documents, traveler's checks, precious metals, driver's licenses
    - in any combination!
  2. Default Language: Of course the database always starts in your national language.
  3. Own country list: If you do not want to see certain countries in the respective country selection, we will deactivate these countries for your subscription.
  4. The fastest access to the most frequently requested countries is via the Top Five country selection on the start page. We determine these countries via your access statistics, or you tell us which countries are most important to you.
  5. If you do not want to see the latest news on the homepage, we will deactivate it for your subscription.
  6. If you do not want to have special documents (diplomatic passport, service passport, replacement passport etc.) in the document selection for identity documents, we can deactivate them for you.
  7. Own buttons.:You can add your own buttons to the database. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you. Whether you need your own glossary or simply want to integrate a list of telephone numbers and contact persons - your button will appear in the left menu bar of the application. Up to five own buttons are possible.

You can use the client tool to make further adjustments to your subscription. The Knowledge Client tool enables the subscriber's administrators to enter in-house notes. We guarantee that your notes can only be viewed in your activated network!

You can add notes to the following areas with the Client Tool:

  • Homepage
    Here the box "Internal News" is available for internal news. Text and pictures can be added.
  • Banknotes
    Overview of the banknotes of a country
  • Site of a banknote
    Here you can add notes to individual notes or mark individual notes that you do not want to trade.

The client tool for identification documents

Overview of the documents of a country Information page of a document

The client tool also allows you to display a list of all the changes you have made to give you a historical overview.