idenTT® database
for ID documents

Identity Check under the German Money Laundering Act

Document check

Reliable information, continuous updates and fast, easy access.

idenTT® displays all of a country’s relevant ID documents. For each document, it shows where each entry is located in the passport. You also have access to all issue methods, such as validity periods, renewal options, entries after a marriage and much more.

You can adjust idenTT® to suit your internal formalities: Add a comment to any document or country or mark documents you don’t accept (whitelist).

idenTT® helps you prevent fraud right from the outset – when opening an account.

German Money Laundering Act (GwG)

Is the passport or ID presented to you an official, valid document? Using idenTT® means you can be certain of upholding the mandatory identity verification obligation under the German Money Laundering Act and that your compliance with the duty of care is documented.


Want to try a demo version?

Please contact us if you wish to test out a demo version of the database for ID documents.

You can also arrange to test the full version of the software. We look forward to hearing from you!