idenTT® database
for banknotes

Checking Banknotes – Identifying Counterfeits

In circulation, invalid or worthless? – Reliable information, continuous updates and fast, easy access!

idenTT® not only shows the banknotes in circulation in a country, but also invalid series or notes as well as the issuing banks’ conversion periods, plus import and export regulations and alternative means of payment.

Identifying counterfeits

Up to 10 security features are shown for notes in circulation and these can be checked quickly, reliably and discreetly.

The idenTT® Client Tool – Individual adjustments for your portal

The idenTT® database can be extensively personalised and tailored to your requirements. You can set any banknote or currency to trade/non-trade and thus control purchases and sales at your cashpoints. Post your own news and add your own buttons – the idenTT® Client Tool allows you to contact your offices in real time.

Want to try a demo version?

Please contact us if you wish to test out a demo version of the database for banknotes. We will also gladly discuss testing the full version.