About Us

Anti-Fraud Solutions since 1999

IDENTT GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 1999 and has operated online with the database for ID documents and banknotes ever since.

In 2009, IDENTT SWISS GmbH was established in Switzerland for international sales and marketing.

IDENTT Sp. z o.o. was set up in Wroclaw, Poland in 2015 and is responsible for programming and developing new products.

Our solutions are used worldwide by major banks and credit institutes.

International experts have trained our staff in ID and banknote checks, while ongoing courses in document assessment keep our knowledge and skills up to date.

What makes us credible?


years of experience

more than 1300

banks are using idenTT

more than 35

countries in which our products are already used


countries for identity documents


currencies in the database

80 000

data checks of identity documents per week